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    Delegation of Yale-China Association Discusses with Central South University on Basic Medical Projects in Western Hunan
    November 1, 2017Click:

    On the afternoon of Oct. 19, a delegation of Yale-China Association led by David Youtz, the president, pays a visit to Central South University. The two sides have a discussion at the meeting room in No. 1 office building on framing guidelines proposed by Yale-China Association for strengthening health services and service fairness in western Hunan Province. The meeting is attended by Tian Hongqi, President of Central South University, Long Kaichao, Vice Director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, Chen Xiang, Vice President of Central South University, and the directors of Xiangya Medical College, the affiliated hospitals of Xiangya Medical College, the School of Nursing, the School of Public Health, the School of Law, and the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and hosted by Chen Xiang.

    The president Tian Hongqi points out that the cooperation between Yale-China Association and Xiangya is of long standing and has brought fruitful achievements. As a comprehensive university, Central South University wishes to enhance cooperation with Yale University in multi-disciplinary fields to advance the great-leap-forward development of Central South University.

    David Youtz gives an introduction to the “Fenghuang Project” (hereinafter referred to as the Project) proposed by Yale-China Association that supports medical treatment and public health in western Hunan. According to the Project, an integrated health care system mode based on primary health care will be established to strengthen health care in rural areas and promote the development (training) of relevant disciplines; a two-year health leader program will be launched; financial support will given to programs involving research on and intervention to health in western Hunan; the on-goingChia Scholarship Programwill be further improved; and close attention will be paid to the health and development of rural and stay-at-home children. Yale-China Association wishes to provide better basic health services for western Hunan through the Project.

    Long Kaichao considers the integration of Medical Treatment Combinations and Contracted Family Doctor Services to be a solution to the unbalance of medical resources. He believes that the cooperative projects between Yale-China Association and Central South University are of referential significance for medical reform in China and even other developing countries. Zhang Xin, Director of the Hospital Management Office of Central South University and Vice President of Xiangya Medical College, Xiao Shuiyuan, Professor of the School of Public Health, Wu Zhigang from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Chen Yunliang, President of the School of Law, and Prof. Rohrbaugh from Yale University also put forward suggestions on improvement of the Project during discussion.

    In his concluding remarks, Chen Xiang points out that the difference between China and America is a great challenge faced by the Project and problems arising therefrom are expected to be solved gradually one by one in the long course of promotion and implementation. Chen Xiang suggests that all parties involved in the Project exercise their respective functions and responsibilities with whole efforts, the Yale-China Association and Yale University to provide talent and fund support, the government to provide preferential policy and financial support,Central South University to provide human resources and think tank of relevant specialties, and Fenghuang County to cooperate actively by mobilizing local people and providing corresponding funds.

    It is learned that during the visit, the delegation of Yale-China Association will also have a discussion with Central South University on Chia Fellows Program, XYOAA-YCA Scholarship, resident doctor training, child health and development, infantile autism and other aspects.

    Source: Xiangya Medical College

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