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    President of University of Dundee Visited Central South University
    November 8, 2017Click:

    On the morning of Oct. 30, Gao Wenbing, Party Secretary of Central South University, met with 9 guests, including Sir Pete Downes, the President of University of Dundee, Wendy Alexander, the Vice President of Dundee, Robert Ford, the Director of the Department of Educational Cooperation and Development, etc. in the No. 3 Meeting Room of Science and Education Building. The two sides have a discussion on joint establishment of a Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution.


    At the meeting, Gao Wenbing made a brief introduction to the basic situation of CSU. He said that the state and government have provided strong support for Sino-foreign cooperative education in recent years, and the close cooperation between Central South University and University of Dendee over the last ten years has witnessed the deep friendship between the two sides. On behalf of CSU, he also expressed the willingness to further promote exchanges and cooperation with University of Dundee in more fields, e.g. life science, nursing, medical imaging, civil engineering, etc. Sir Pete Downes, the President of University of Dundee, believed that the two sides will have a pleasant cooperation and make creation and innovation in cooperation.

    Later, the two sides discussed on details of Central South University-University of Dundee United International College, a Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution. Preliminary agreements had been reached on cooperation in life science (bachelor [60 persons], master [20/30 persons], doctor [10 persons]), nursing (bachelor [60 persons]) and medical imaging (master [20/30 persons]).

    Zhou Kechao, Vice President of CSU, Li Jie, Assistant to the President, and the principals of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the School of Life Science, the School of Nursing, and the School of Medical Image attended the meeting.


    It is also learnt that on the afternoon of Oct., 29, Tianhongqi, President of CSU, met with the President of the University of Dundee. Both sides agreed on cooperation in running schools. President Tian Hong expressed her full support for Central South University and University of Dundee establishing a cooperative educational institution.

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