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    CSU Undergraduate Gao Yuanji Publishes a Paper in SCI Journal Nano Research
    September 2, 2019Click:

    Recently, Gao Yuanji, an undergraduate majoring photoelectric information science and engineering from the School of Physics and Electronics, CSU, under the guidance of Professor Liu Yanping, published a paper titled “Valleytronics in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Materials” in Nano Research(SCI zone 1, impact factor: 8.515) as a co-first author. This is another paper with high impact factor published by an undergraduate from the School of Physics and Electronics. Professor Liu Yanping is the corresponding author of this paper, and CSU is the first unit.

    (Potential applications of new TMD materials in information devices such as information storage and quantum computers)

    Valley degree of freedom in the first Brillouin zone of Bloch electrons offers an innovative approach to information storage and quantum computation. The emerging transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) materials naturally become the ideal candidates for valleytronics research attributable to their novel structural, photonic and electronic properties, especially the direct bandgap and broken inversion symmetry in the monolayer. However, the mechanism of inter-valley relaxation remains ambiguous and the complicated manipulation of valley predominantly incumbers the realization of valleytronic devices. In this review, through a systematical demonstration of the fundamental properties and tuning strategies (optical, electrical, magnetic and mechanical tuning) of valley degree of freedom, the author summarizes the recent progress of TMD-based valleytronic devices and highlights the conclusion of present challenges as well as the perspective on the further investigations in valleytronics. This work helps offer insights into the microscopic properties of valley excitons in TMD materials, and guides the research on valleytronics-based information storage and quantum computation devices.

    (Gao Yuanji (left) and his supervisor, Liu Yanping (right) in the laboratory)

    Gao Yuanji joined the Low-Dimensional Quantum Device Laboratory of Central South University in his sophomore year. Under the guidance of Professor Liu Yanping, he has carried out scientific research work, such as literature research and collection, formulation and implementation of research programs, data analysis and processing, and compilation of scientific and technological papers. In addition to the published paper, Gao Yuanji has another two SCI papers under review; it is highly possible that he could publish more than three high-quality papers before graduation. The relevant work for the published study is sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Hunan Provincial Key Research and Development Fund, CSU’s Innovation-driven Plan and CSU’s Youth Innovation Team Project.

    Prof. Liu Yanping’s research group focuses on the research of new information devices, covering two-dimensional material spintronics, valleytronics, and nano-optoelectronic devices. Advanced micro-nano processing technology and material modification means are combined with applied conditions (electric, magnetic, optic, thermal, mechanical, etc.) to study the physical effects of spin, energy valley, charge transport and topology concerning 2D materials, design and develop new quantum information prototype devices, and explore their application in the field of electronic information. This research arouses scientific interest among students to better serve the country’s economic development and national defense modernization.

    Paper link: http://www.thenanoresearch.com/work_just.asp

    Source:School of Physics and Electronics

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